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image description It’s Tuesday, January 27 and 6:21am in Downtown New Orleans.

Sidewalk Litter Ordinances

Clean sidewalks are essential to maintaining a safe environment where people want to live, work, and visit. With that in mind, we send out DDD maintenance crews every day to hit the streets and keep Downtown looking its best. They work 24/7, providing enhanced services such as litter removal, pressure washing, graffiti removal and other cleaning services as needed.

We invite our Downtown constituents to assist and partner with us in our cleaning efforts by adhering to sidewalk litter ordinances. You can also help us by discouraging delivery trucks and others from driving over and/or parking on our sidewalks. We look forward to working together to ensure that Downtown is the cleanest and safest place in New Orleans.

Click here to link to the City of New Orleans Department of Sanitation and learn more about curbside trash collection.

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