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image description It’s Sunday, February 1 and 2:39am in Downtown New Orleans.


Code Enforcement

In 2008, the Downtown Development District was authorized by the City of New Orleans to enforce the laws referenced in the municipal code of ordinances and have them heard in administrative hearings. Shortly thereafter, the DDD launched a code enforcement program to:

  • Ensure that buildings Downtown look economically vibrant and viable for business;
  • Encourage property owners to comply with City codes; and
  • Enforce City codes and cite properties when necessary.

Everyone can support the DDD’s code enforcement efforts.

Here’s what you can do to help ensure that buildings Downtown are well maintained and meet basic safety standards:

  • You can learn more about the City of New Orleans Code Enforcement. Click here.
  • You can ensure your building is in compliance with City codes and seek assistance from the DDD when needed.
  • You can notify the DDD of code violations.
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