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image description It’s Wednesday, October 22 and 1:18am in Downtown New Orleans.



Ready to live in the heart of one of America's greatest cities? The Downtown real estate market is thriving, with affordable homes ready to own in some of the area’s most modern residential spaces. Read what some people are saying about the market Downtown:

"Canal Street isn't just the heart Of New Orleans, it's a Street with heart."
Dickie Brennan, Palace Cafe

"I actually live Downtown a half a block from our company, which is very convenient. I love New Orleans, it is a very exciting time, I'm here to stay."
Ryan Egle, Resident and Co-founder of Egle Distributing

"There may not be a better place to live in America than the Warehouse District in Downtown New Orleans. Steps from the door of my historic loft are art galleries, high end famous restaurants and great places to grab something light with food from more traditions and countries than I can count, deli's, great watering holes and elegant bars, wine bars and events that seem to appear endlessly in the streets. It is magical to live in a place where culture and entertainment is at every corner, where the Superdome is an 18 minute walk and the French Quarter is just an eight minute stroll away. The concerts in Lafayette Square and a hundred yards to the core of Mardi Gras parade routes. I pinch myself everyday that I chose downtown to live...the best decision I ever made."
Stephen Perry, President & CEO New Orleans Convention and Visitor Bureau

"I not only have my business downtown, but I live downtown! I am enjoying being a part of the revitalization of the warehouse/arts district as a gallery owner."
Jean Bragg, owner, Jean Bragg Gallery

"I wake up in the morning and I run down Canal Street to the River. Words can't describe what that's like. This City to me is so alive right now."
Jeremy Davenport, Musician

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